Although Living Wills are known by a variety of names in different jurisdictions. Their main purpose is to set forth your end of life instructions in a format that will be legally recognized. The Living Will indicates that of life support systems such as artificial feeding and fluid tubes that you want to use and how they can be used. You are able to state your medical preferences in advance of the situation where you may not be able to make such desires known (i.e., unconscious state). The other main reason is to inform your family of what you would want to happen in case he would need a life support system. This will help prevent arguments among your family members and will help ease any worries regarding end of life decisions.

The reason most your couples put off writing their will is because of their reluctance to choose a guardian. This one decision seems to freeze the entire process. The problem, of course, if that by failing to choose, the parents are basically giving up their right to choose and giving it to the court. This means that if you do not have a will naming a guardian, a judge will decide for you. This could result in people raising your children that you would not have chosen yourself. For an article guiding you through the process of choosing, enter your information on the bottom of the home page to receive a free article.
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